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Introducing our Pre School Dance Classes

We offer pre school dance classes for children aged 2- 5 years. They are a great way to introduce your youngster to exercise at an early age. The benefits of dance are well documented and include increased confidence, developing social skills, fine motor skills, coordination, balance, posture, body strength, following instructions, creativity, rhythm and musicality.

Our 30 minute classes are fun and carefully planned to be a perfect fit for babies and toddlers at each stage. Classes take place throughout the week in a welcoming, relaxed environment – making it the ideal way for little ones to discover the joy of dance.

Baby Ballet

The first of ballet steps taught through imaginative story and creativity, where our tiniest students can discover the wonder of socialising with others.

An introduction to Ballet and Dance, where you and your little one can enjoy a magical class of movement and musical development aimed towards introducing basic motor skills, within a social setting.

A chance for parent/ carer to interact together with their little one, as well as making friends with others within the class.

Pre Primary Ballet

Our very popular pre-school ballet classes which are the perfect preparation for the year before starting primary school.

Classes encourage children to be confident and independent in their movement and musical abilities, trying their ‘pony gallops’ , ‘skips’ and other basic motor movements in pairs or individually across the room.

Children’s imaginations grow through magical ballet stories and routines. The children learn basic ballet steps, but also social skills and discipline which will serve them well as they approach the school age. We also follow the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus.

Acro Dance

Introductory class for children of pre-school age. Students are introduced to acrobatics through a series of fun, informative sing-along routines that help them understand instruction, body movement and control.

You can expect to find skills like: Pike Position, Skipping, Marching, Pre Cartwheel, Plié, Tendu, etc. The focus of this program includes learning the acro positions, locomotive skills (jumping, hoping, etc), balance skills, classroom behaviour skills, movement concepts, cooperation and social skills. The magic is in the repetition, the report cards, coloring pages, imaginary play, fun and games.