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Introducing Ballet

Ballet provides a dancer with the technical training of the body that forms the basis for all dance forms. It stretches muscles, increases mobility in the joints and strengthens the torso’s core muscles. Ballet also builds up stamina and produces an inner discipline of mind and body.

Our classes teach students to work as both a soloist and as part of a team, and co-ordinates movement with musicality and performance skills. We believe that ballet gives a student exceptional deportment and a strong sense of achievement, and its fun!

The examining body studied at esspa is that of The Royal Academy of Dance – one of the most respected dance bodies in the world. We introduce children to ballet at three years old.

Babies Class and Pre- Primary: The syllabus teaches the children very basic technique in story form and song, stimulating their imagination and allowing them to have fun whilst learning. Even at this early stage the children are expected to wear a uniform which will allow freedom of movement and in which they will be safe.

Grades 1 – 5: Aged 7- 14 years the children embark on the Grade examination syllabus which teaches classical ballet technique, group and solo sequences and introduces character dance used in so many of the traditional major ballets.

Intermediate – Advanced: The vocational examinations are for the serious ballet student who is considering dance as a career as either a performer, teacher or choreographer.

Primary: At the age of six years, the children can enter their first examination. This involves various exercises and short sequences which require correct placing, a sense of style and performance, musicality and content knowledge. The RAD examiner is sent to us from headquarters and the child must reach the internationally recognised standard of the syllabus.

Grade 6: As well as solo dances, the students learn to work as part of a ‘corps de ballet’ creating symmetric sequences in groups. It continues to strengthen technique and develop a sense of style and performance.

Adult Ballet and Balletcise is a mixed ability class which brings together those who wish to learn how to discipline the body, achieve grace of movement, improve deportment, enjoy beautiful music and challenge self expectations.